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Here is our test source of water!  Dirty, disgusting, pond water.  Homemade for this test specifically.  We didn't test it to see what was in it.  But you be the judge.  I feel it is perfect water for a real life test.

Good thing is, that in an emergency most water you will filter will be much cleaner than this.  But, we wanted to show you how good the filter is, so this pond is perfect!


Now we just have to collect some of this water to pour into the filter.  Look closely and you will see some of the organic junk floating around in there!

Now if that wasn't dirty enough, we decided to go into the chicken house and get some extra bird stuff off the ground and add it to the water from their drinking pan. This was added to the water that was to be filtered!  Just imagine how gross this was. Those of you who have birds know what they do in their water.
It was greener and dirtier than the pond water!
I still wasn't satisfied for this test though.  So I stopped and put a mixture of dirt and rocks into the chicken water as well.  Now it is really dirty and gross!
Now we're ready to start filtering our water.  First step, pour the collected water through the 100 micron screen filter made to sit a the top of the bucket.  This will collect and remove all the larger particles making the ceramic and carbon filter at the bottom last even longer.
As you can see it will remove all the larger particles.  Just look at the picture on the right.  The screen filter is filled with rocks and other debri!  The cloth filter in the left bucket (in the right picture) does its job by making sure the filter doesn't clog up due to the turbity (dirt) in the water.
Now just rinse out the screen filter and it is ready to be used again.  Set the bucket with the ceramic filter in it  onto the collection bucket that has a drinking water spigot.  You will see how the filter drain matches  the hole in the lid of the clean water bucket on the  bottom.  This is where the clean water is stored.

The results speak for themselves.
I drank the water on the right myself!

(After the water had been filtered by our cloth Sock and our silver impregnated ceramic filter in the  left container.)



In making your selection of a water source DO NOT pick a source that has any type of overpowering smell to it.  That would probably require  some sort of a chemical treatment besides filtering to make it safe to drink.

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