Emergency Gravity Water Filter
Our System provides clean & sanitary drinking water in every
Emergency or Disaster situation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Products


What is Granular Activated Carbon?

GAC has a vast pore structure that has an enormously large surface area.  This allows both organic and inorganic compounds and impurities contained in your water supply to be removed by absorption. Activated Carbon is also very effective in elimination of unpleasant odors, tastes and colors.

What Humanitarian Work is being done?

This humanitarian work is being done all around the world by many different groups. See the type of water conditions they are experiencing in Haiti and how with the help of our special ceramic water filter they are improving and saving lives.  This is a CNN news report.

4x4 Filter

What are Ceramic Filters?

Our Ceramic Water Filters are made of diatomaceous earth which when compressed prevents anything larger than 0.5 microns from penetrating the filter shell. Our ceramic water filter shell contains silver, which is a natural bactericide.

In repeated laboratory tests done by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, 99.99% of all bacterial samples were removed from the test water only by using our filters.

Why should Travelers Beware?

Inadequate sanitation and contaminated water are the leading cause of illness in travelers. To protect yourself, consider your drinking water carefully. Travelers should allow at least a half gallon of water per person per day. Water used for brushing your teeth and washing your food should also be included. Which  can significantly increase the total amount of water needed on a daily basis to stay healthy.

AREA  Diseases

Indian Subcontinent

Cholera, Salmonella, Hepatitis A & E, Amebiasis


Salmonella, Hepatitis A & E, Giardiasis, Amebiasis

Mexico, Central and South America

Salmonella, Amebiasis, Giardiasis, Hepatitis E

Russia and former USSR



Cholera, Salmonella, Giardiasis

To be safe, water in these areas should always be treated,
even in developed areas.

ATTENTION CA, IA and WI Consumers.
In compliance with state law for CA, IA and WI, Emergency-H2O™ water filtration products are sold and shipped to residents of these states without any health related performance claims except for aesthetics including chlorine and improvement with taste, odor and sediment.


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