Emergency Gravity Water Filter
Our System provides clean & sanitary drinking water in every
Emergency or Disaster situation.

Our Emergency Water Filter System is Gravity Fed and "Silver Impregnated" too.


Entire System:
Ready to use and will provide you with clean and safe drinking water for pennies.



Silver Impregnated Ceramic Filter:

This filter is the heart of our system. This filter gets out all the little stuff we can't see.




75 Micron Pre-Filter:
This filter screen fits into the top bucket where the dirty water gets poured in.  It screens out the large impurities and is easily shaken or rinsed out.

A recent rush of attention to provide safe drinking water during emergencies has led to a lot of misunderstandings about the water purification processes and the use of ceramic water filters. There have been some that say that in order to purify water safely, you need an expensive gravity feed, or a cumbersome siphon filter, or even a costly pressurized water filter system. These ideas are absolutely FALSE.

We have developed an amazingly effective system that is uncomplicated, economical and is easy to use. With our system you will produce an abundance of biologically safe drinking water and water for food-preparation for your entire family from water sources like a pond, stream, river, flood, lake, rain, well, cisterns, pools, or from the city  water you use daily. Pre-filtering is recommended if you are going to be using an unclean water source.

The heart of our system is a 4X4 ceramic water filter with granular activated carbon and the ceramic is silver-impregnated. This very tightly constructed ceramic water filter made especially for us by the manufacturer of highly respected ceramics cartridges world-wide. It has been especially designed for the water purification process. The ceramic 4X4 element provides a micro porous structure that creates a physical barrier to any particle larger than .5 microns. It has been specifically designed to provide the best elimination of impurities from a water source with the least amount of resistance or pressure drop. Our element is also well suited for the absorption of trace contaminates and the removal of odor-causing impurities.

Once the ceramic filter has been activated by submersing it under water, it will function as designed (based on the cleanliness of the water) creating up to 3000 gallons of clean drinking water. We have tried to make our 3 stage filtering system maximize filter life by using 2 pre-filters. We use a 10 micron cloth pre-filter covering the ceramic filter itself and a 75 micron mesh pre-filter which is placed at the top of the filtering bucket. When  using these 2 pre-filters (the largest particles will be caught in the first mesh filter and smaller will be caught in the 2nd cloth filter. These 2 pre-filters will handle most of the larger impurities thereby dramatically reducing the amount of particles which reach and clog the actual emergency water filter.  This will help the ceramic portion of our filter system last much longer.

  • NOTE:  A pre-filter is unnecessary when using a clean source of water such as a municipal source but is necessary when taking water from rivers and streams or water collected from pipes or hot water tanks as in a water-emergency.

Our emergency ceramic water filter is impregnated with silver and will not permit the growth of bacteria because the silver provides a hostile environment for microbiological organisms. Our water filter will not support their growth within the ceramic medium itself. Ceramic  filters may be cleaned up to 100 times using the 3M scrubbing pad that is included with all the systems, kits and filter replacement kits. Once in use the filter can be cleaned repeatedly until the ceramic shell gets too thin and cracks or breaks. The activated carbon portion of the filter will eventually be depleted and will no longer remove bad taste and or odor. Our filter has been designed to attain and maintain a good flow rate of clean drinking water of up to 1 gallon of clean drinkable water per hour under gravity flow.  The filter life will vary depending on the cleanliness of the water source being used.  Normal conditions should provide 1000’s of gallons of clean drinking water per filter.

 *Flow rate calculated with upper chamber full to top.
Flow rate decreases as water level declines.


In making your selection of a water source, DO NOT pick a source that has any type of overpowering smell to it.  That will probably require  some sort of a chemical treatment to make it safe to drink. The Cloth Sock is to be used only when water is dirty otherwise it slows down the water filtration process significantly. The cloth sock must also be thoroughly wet to allow water to filter through. This will allow it to filter the water faster.

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Our four System sizes:

Buckets are Food Grade & BPA FREE

3.5 Gallon Capacity - 14 in. dia x 24 in. tall

5.0 Gallon Capacity - 14 in. dia x 32 in. tall

6.5 Gallon Capacity - 14 in. dia x 39 in. tall


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