3.5 Gallon Capacity (13.248 Liters) – 3 Stage Filtering System


This filter system can produce enough clean cooking and drinking water for three people.The 3 stage filtering version of our water system is made up of 2 pre-drilled, food grade, prime virgin HDPE, FDA food grade approved plastic buckets with screw on lids. The walls are .090 inches thick. That is 29% thicker than a standard bucket. This bucket is BPA FREE. This unit uses a 4X4 ceramic water filter with a 10 micron sock pre-filter with 2 food grade (latex free) rubber bands.  We use a HFSL polypropylene no-drip spigot and vinyl drip tube. It also comes with scrubbing pad for cleaning the ceramic filter. It also has a second pre-filter made of high molecular weight, high density polyethylene plastic. This strainer has an ultra fine mesh (25 mil in size) capable of removing anything larger than 100 microns.

The Air Pressure upgrade includes the following extra parts:

  1. 1 – 2″ Stainless Steel Valve stem
  2. 1 – cap with Schrader valve removal tool
  3. 1 – Hand pump
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Upgrade Options

Standard – $64.99, Air Pressure Upgrade-No Pump – $74.99, Air Pressure Upgrade & Pump – $84.99


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