Do It Yourself Kit – Deluxe with Air Upgrade

$69.99 $62.99


  • 1 4X4 ceramic water filter
  • 1 new cloth sock
  • 1 75 or 100 Micron PreFilter
  • 2 food grade (Latex Free) rubber bands
  • 1 cleaning pad
  • 1 vinyl drip tube
  • HFS Faucet designed for Ceramic Water Dispensers.
  •      Bagged complete with 2 beveled washers & 1 jam nut.
  •      Lock open handle provides a regulated flow of water.
  •      Fits a 3/4″ opening, 16 thread 1 inch long.
  • 1 Schwinn Hand pump
  • 1 High pressure schreader valve
  • 1 Valve removal Cap

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Increases Water production by up to 300%.   NOW Includes upgraded Shwinn pump. 

For this product there are no containers shipped, Buckets are Not Included — #10 cans to rubbermaid wastebaskets can be used as long as container is suitable for potable water.  This saves on freight with-out sacrificing quality of the filtration system.


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